School Policies

Student Handbook

All of our school policies are covered in our Student Handbook, which you can access by clicking here. The office is happy to answer any questions you may have that are not covered in the handbook.

Dress Code:


A dress code is important, not only because it is part of the tradition of formal dance training and creates uniformity, but also because putting on the "gear" helps the dancer mentally prepare for the class ahead. This is as true for small children as it is for young adults.


DSBPA's dress code is not only designed to be in keeping with dress codes around the country and other parts of the world, it is also meant to accommodate the challenges of today's economy. All dancewear is available by checking in with the DSBPA office, as we carry the uniforms here at the studio. For all other dancewear, Dance Design hosts a boutique at DSBPA. If we don't have it in stock we will order it for you.

Dress Code:


A dancer's hair is as much a part of the dancer's uniform as the tights, leotard, and shoes. For females with long hair, the hair must be placed securely in a bun. A hairnet may be helpful but is not required. If hair is too short for a bun, it must be pulled off the face.


Males' hair must be neat. If it is long enough, hair should be pulled back into a ponytail. Hip Hop classes are the exception. As long as the hair does not interfere with dancing, students may wear whatever style they wish.



DSBPA will update the School Calendar in the event of inclement weather or disaster conditions in Durham. Parents and students are responsible for checking the online School Calendar as DSBPA does not follow the Durham Public Schools closings. Use your judgment when traveling in unsafe conditions. 


In the event the school facility needs to be evacuated, staff will escort students to the far side of the school parking lot. In the event of a tornado, staff will gather students into designated locations within the building.


Interested in competing at various national and international competitions? You will need coaching. Contact us to find out your coaching options at DSBPA that will prepare you for the world of competitive dance.


DSBPA believes in the importance of performance, since dance is a performing art, but we have opted not to have formal, end-of-year recitals. Instead, opportunities for in-studio performances will be presented throughout the year.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available. All private lessons are by appointment only. Contact Boleyn at

(919) 680-4363 to schedule your private lesson.