School Policies


All of our school policies are covered in our Student Handbook,  a PDF of which you can access HERE. The office is happy to answer any questions you may have that are not covered in the handbook. Common inquiries are answered below.

Dress Code

Mid-length to long hair must be pulled back from the face and fastened securely to keep the hair out of the dancer’s eyes. Short hair must also be fastened away from the face.

Children's Division

Non-restrictive clothing or:

Option 1: Pink ballet dress and flesh colored tights and shoes

Option 2: White, fitted t-shirt and black shorts or leggings and white or flesh colored ballet slippers

Primary Levels 1-3

Option 1: Class color ballet dress with flesh colored tights and flesh colored ballet slippers to match tights

Option 2: Short-sleeved white leotard or snug t-shirt with black dance tights or leggings and white or flesh colored ballet slippers

Student Division

Ballet Levels 1-5
Option 1: Class colored leotard, choice of 3 styles*, and flesh-colored, convertible foot tights. Ballet and Pointe shoes must match tights**.  Skirts are optional but must match leotard color.

Option 2: Fitted white t-shirt or white leotard, transition tights in grey or class color, dance belt for those with male anatomy, and white or flesh colored ballet shoes

*A list of the required class leotard style numbers must be picked up from the office.

**A list of recommended shoe dyes can be obtained at the studio.

Recreational Division

Recreational Division students (adults, kids, teens, and tweens) do not have a set uniform for classes, however we do have certain dress requirements for your comfort, safety and to allow instructors to see and correct your alignment. All students are required to wear ballet or aerial-appropriate clothing that allows for fluid movement during class.


DSBPA believes in the importance of performance, since dance is a performing art, but we have opted not to have formal, end-of-year recitals. Instead, opportunities for in-studio performances will be presented throughout the year.


Interested in competing at various national and international competitions? You will need coaching. Contact us to find out your coaching options at DSBPA that will prepare you for the world of competitive dance.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available. All private lessons are by appointment only. Contact the office at (919) 680-4363 to schedule your private lesson.

Inclement Weather

DSBPA will update the School Calendar in the event of inclement weather or disaster conditions in Durham. Parents and students are responsible for checking the online School Calendar as DSBPA does not follow the Durham Public Schools closings. Depending on the nature of the reason for closing, classes may be on Zoom.  If the studio is able to remain open, please use your judgement when traveling in unsafe conditions. In the event the School facility needs to be evacuated, staff will escort students to the far side of the School parking lot. In the event of a tornado, staff will gather students into designated locations within the building.