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Recreational Division

Recreation | Teen-Adult

Recreational Division

Our Recreational program is designed to provide an opportunity to learn more about the art of dance.  Our classes are catered to dancers at all levels and ages, open to any student who enjoys dance and wishes to begin or continue their training in any of our disciplines. Led by enthusiastic and professional instructors, dancers learn correct terminology and technique in an encouraging classroom atmosphere. By using positive reinforcement we strive to give every dancer a positive dance experience.  Let us share our passion for dance with you!


There is no required uniform for Recreational Division classes, but we do ask that you adhere to the DRESS CODE.

Recreational Ballet students' training includes barre, center, stretching, adagio, and allegro work while building muscular strength. Our dance classes focus on both a physical and an intellectual understanding of how each movement should be executed. Strength, flexibility, grace, balance, poise, and musicality will be developed along with an understanding of the principles of ballet technique. You'll find our school culture very welcoming, non-competitive, and fun.


Session 1: January 3 - March 5, 2022 *9-weeks/2 payments (Jan & Feb) Tuition will be prorated for mid-session enrollment

Session 2: March 7 - May 12, 2022 *9-weeks/2 payments (March & April)​ Tuition will be prorated for mid-session enrollment


Recreational Aerial*

Students' training includes methods of climbing, foot locks onto the fabrics, and learning basic movements on the fabrics and aerial safety. Students then extend their working repertoire of aerial movements, their core strength, their stamina, and their body control. As students progress they will learn new climbs and locks, as well as additional movements including inversion all based on having a fundamental control in silks. Students will explore staying in the air and combining several movements in order to build a base for future performances. 

As part of our protocol class sizes are limited and students do not share silks during class. Silks are not shared with another student on the same day. Silks are laundered on a regular basis and professionally rigged. 

*tuition includes rental of silks

Our Teaching Methods

At DSBPA, we place a heavy emphasis on learning appropriate technique. You won’t just learn skills—you’ll learn the how and the why so that you can do them correctly. This helps with injury prevention and progression so that you can safely build on each previous skill. We won’t teach your skills beyond your level, but we will challenge you safely in every class. 

We also teach through the lens of sequencing and choreography. You won’t learn a trick - you’ll learn how to transition from one skill to another, and how to vary your poses and skills so that you can develop your own unique choreography.

Aerial Silks Training Levels

Absolute Beginning: This class introduces you to silks and builds strength getting you off the ground as you learn how to create a sling, wrist wraps & locks, single & double footlocks, basic climb and more. 

We offer 6-week Introductory Workshops for Kid, Youth and Teen. Schedule listed below 

Continuing Beginning: This class builds on skills developed in Absolute Beginning and adds split roll-up, double helix, footlocker climbs, footlocker in the air and more.

Beginning Intermediate: This class builds on skills developed in prior levels and adds monkey foot, hipkey in the air, v-up from ground, thigh hitch, ankle hang and more

Intermediate: This class continues to build on skills adding the bicycle climb, same side & opposite side thigh wrap, cross back straddle, and more.

Advanced: This class takes all your skills to the next level introducing windmill hipkey in air, same side knee hook climb, Double knee hook climb and drops. 


Tuition displayed is 1st of 2 payments due for 9-weeks of training. Payment to be processed monthly, 1st day of month.

Session 1: January 3 - March 5, 2022 *9-weeks/2 payments (Jan & Feb)

Session 2: March 7 - May 12, 2022 *9-weeks/2 payments (March & April)

The workshops are 6-weeks of training and tuition listed is a one-time payment due before the 1st class. 

~~~~~ Kid - Ages 6-8  ~~~~~~ Youth - Ages 9-12 ~~~~~~ Teen - Ages 12-18 ~~~~~~ Adult - Ages 16 and above ~~~~~


Beginner Aerial Silks Workshops are appropriate for students who have little or no experience in the fabric. Students will learn fundamental aerial movements, sequences, and technique while building strength and having fun! All fitness levels are welcome. You begin close to the floor and as skills and strength grow you move higher.  Class space limited.

The workshops are 6-weeks of training and tuition listed is a one-time payment due before the 1st class.