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I am absolutely thrilled DSBPA was recommended to us! My almost 9 year old daughter has taken ballet classes at DSBPA for the last two years and I could not be more pleased with the individualized and proper ballet instruction (American Ballet Theatre) she has received. She is always excited about her classes and the new techniques she is learning. The studio director and instructors are top notch and the classes are small. My daughter told me she learned more in a week at summer ballet camp at DSB than she did in all her years at another studio.

My daughter and I are also happy to be a part of Durham Ballet Theatre and have participated in last year's production of Aladdin and currently, The Little Mermaid. My daughter's desire has always been to be a part of a "real" ballet on stage. DSBPA has more than fulfilled that dream! I love that she is learning about the whole creative process it takes to put on a production - the costumes, rehearsals, fundraisers, and the commitment to help make all the magic happen. We are so thankful to be a part of the DSBPA family!

Kelly K.

Durham, North Carolina

My daughter's first experience with ballet was when she was 4. She was not a fan. She spent the next 6 years playing soccer. With the encouragement of friends, she decided at 11, to get back into dance and began taking classes at a local studio. Drama! A year later we saw an audition listing at Durham Ballet Theatre for Aladdin. She auditioned and was accepted. We saw first hand this company is about teaching the students not just putting on a show, but a performance. This was such a good experience for my daughter that we decided to attend classes at DSB.

There are many studios out there, we chose DSB because I knew my daughter would be taught the proper techniques of ballet. The classes are small, the teachers are exceptional. They are encouraging and demanding, giving love and guidance to the students. My daughter has learned so much this past year.

If you are looking for a dance community, DSB is the place to be. There is no drama, just students and teachers focusing on dance.

Jennifer C.

Durham, North Carolina

The only studio in the Durham area (and those surrounding, let's be real) that not only offers rigorous, professional-quality training but also like....aren't jerks about it? No cliques, no snide teachers, no berating the students for anything whatsoever, simply encouraging and pushing everyone to do their very best every day. I'm 27, and just started my dance training about a year and a half ago in the recreational adult ballet classes, but have since been allowed to move to the student division classes and study along with the pre-teens I'm in class with. I love it more than literally anything I've ever done, and I'm so grateful to be taken so seriously as an adult -- even though I'll never be able to go professional, even though I'm "old", even though I've still got a bit of catching up to do. This place is magic, and I can't say thank you enough!! (Also, ample free parking in downtown Durham is just so....*chef's kiss* nice)

Tiffany C.

Durham, North Carolina

  • High-quality and serious (yet fun and caring) instruction in a non-competitive environment. 

  • Proper & safe technique training with a very focused, yet reasonable, approach to instruction.

  • Preparing students for college/career level dance applications (but allowing for a variety of skill levels from novice to advanced).

  • Emphasis on the discipline of dance as an art, but still flexible to accommodate and motivate different personalities.

  • Instructors who take a personal interest and want the student to succeed as a dancer. Best for hard-working students & families willing to make significant commitments to produce impressive results.

Deanna O.

Durham, North Carolina

  • The training and 1-1 attention to details are far superior to any other dance studio in the area.

  • The level of expertise of the DSB instructors is unsurpassed in the triangle area.

  • We like that DSB takes a holistic approach to dance. DSB teaches students about the impact of dance on the body and how students should take care of themselves.

  • Dancers are not just moved along. They have to demonstrate they can master one level before moving to the next level.

  • If you don't want to be a professional dancer, DSB won't "short change" you. You'll still get high level and attention to details instruction.

Kevin & Beth M-K

Durham, North Carolina

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