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Summer Classes
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Summer Classes 2022

Summer is often a time for family fun, beach days, and barbecues. Why not also make it a time to try new things and brush up on some old skills too?

Cue the summer dance classes  and camps…….Summer dance is perfect for this!

During the summer months, dancers do not have the stresses of school work and tests, they can just solely focus on dance. 

When dancers take summer classes on a regular basis, they maintain and even improve their technique. Besides, you don’t want to undo what you have worked so hard to accomplish all year.

We are offering two (2) 6-weeks sessions of classes this summer PLUS day and evening camps.
Choose from below 

Summer Session 1 ~ May 23 - July 2, 2022.                    Summer Session 2 ~ July 11 - August 20, 2022

What we're doing to minimize risk

  • Maintaining regular contact with local health authorities to and review relevant local/state regulatory agency policies and orders for updates

  • Completing specific training, Count on me NC, provided by NCSU

  • Ensuring a staff person is responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns is assigned

  • Intensifying cleaning and disinfection practices within our facilities

  • Limiting camp size

  • Placing hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol throughout the building

What we're asking of you

  • Complete Assessment prior to attending

  • Wear an appropriate face covering for the duration of your time in the building; bring extra to switch out when they get sweaty

  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival

  • No bare feet/bodies

  • Leave your shoes in a cubby in the front lobby

  • Practice/dance-wear should be worn to and from class with a coverup for outside. No changing on premises.

  • NO siblings, parents or other observers in the building

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