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Student Workspace


An enriching environment for students adjusting to the new normal

Worry-free • Supervised • Upgraded WiFi for virtual classes • Physically distanced •
Brain breaks • Flexible seating • Germ protocol • Outdoor space • Small group sizes

Our day program, Student Workspace, gives students a place to attend their virtual schoolday classes and work on homework in a supervised environment. Students practice physical distancing and adhere to all safety protocols already in place at the studio.

Proctors are available to offer guidance and encourage students to stay on track, while offering brain breaks and enrichment activities. These activities include yoga, stretching, crafts, dance or journaling. Students should provide their own materials and devices needed for the school day, including snacks and a water bottle.


In accordance with  guidelines, students are asked to commit to two consecutive weeks minimum so we can protect the health and well being of staff and participants. We offer half-day and full-day options, Monday thru Friday.

The safety of students and staff are our top priority. We adhere to the most current CDC regulations and additional safety guidelines addressing COVID-19 prevention. Please view our Student Workspace COVID-19 Guidelines before signing up.

Minimum 2 days/week pricing

Full day: $42/day for 7 hours

Half day: $28/day for 4 hours (morning or afternoon)

Minimum 5 days/week pricing

Full day: $38/day for 7 hours

Half day: $25/day for 4 hours (morning or afternoon)

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