COVID-19 Response

Re-opening plan

As the City of Durham continues to loosen the restrictions placed on our community to slow the spread of COVID-19, we felt now was the time to begin preparing for the re-opening of the studio post-phases 2 and 3.


We understand that the burning question from everyone is, "When can we dance in the studio again?" Our answer is: when the time is right, and all of the safety policies and procedures are in place. This will be a phased process.


In the meantime, we will continue with online classes until:


1) The City gives dance studios clearance


2) We know we are ready to safely open the studio.

We have already disinfected blocks, rollers, mats, balls, barres, light switches, door handles, bathrooms, water coolers, etc. and continue to do so anytime someone is in the studio. Upholstered furniture has been put into storage and carpet has been sprayed repeatedly with disinfectant. The studio floors have been disinfected and we are pulling the silks to wash as well.


Phase 1, which began at the beginning of June, allows private/semi private lessons in the studio. These private lessons are currently scheduled so that there is no crossover of students and instructors. If you would like to schedule a private lesson, please email office@durhamschoolforballet.com. Let us know which instructor you would like to work with and we will connect you.

Phase 2, which we anticipate beginning in July, will include the following:

  • Continuing online classes.

  • Allowing small groups into the studio for in-person Student Division classes. A schedule for these classes might look like:

    • Monday: Ballet 3

    • Wednesday: Ballet 4/5

    • Friday: Ballet 1/2

  • Shorter classes designed to methodically build stamina and strength while avoiding injury.

  • A rotation of classes that allows for social distancing and adherence to CDC guidelines when anyone is in the building.

  • Students ages 3-6 will be allowed ONE (1) parent or guardian with them in the lobby for drop-off. No siblings.

  • Students ages 7 and up should be dropped off outside the building.

  • Cleaning anything which may have been touched by someone or which someone may have even thought about touching after each class using designated disinfecting solution.

  • Only students and instructors will be allowed in the rear lobby areas.

  • At the end of the studio will be cleaned and disinfected in a way where the disinfectant can set overnight in an effort to make the studio as safe as possible.

In order to even consider having in-person classes, we must all agree to be diligent in our conduct. If a student has a runny nose, cough or fever, they will NOT be allowed at the studio, even if it might just be allergies. If someone in a student's close circle has a cough or fever we ask they do not attend class. Family members should NOT plan to wait at the studio.

Therefore, in addition to keeping any flu-like symptoms out of the studio, we have established the following protocols:

  • Anyone in the building must wear a mask at all times.

  • Everyone must wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival, as well as on their way out.

  • No bare feet/bodies

  • Shoes should be left in front lobby cubbies.

  • Bags should be placed in the studio. Students are encouraged to pare down their belongings as much as possible, and to not bring extra things into the building that they don't need.

  • Practice/dance-wear should be worn to and from class with a coverup for outside. No changing on premises.

  • NO siblings, parents or other observers in the building (except for students ages 3-6, who are allowed ONE (1) parent in the lobby during drop-off)

  • The use of all props for classes is suspended until further notice.

  • Our water dispenser and fountains will be COVERED & CLOSED, until further notice.  Please send your child in with plenty of LABELED bottled water for class.

  • Studios have been marked off in 10' squares in order to maintain social distancing.

  • There will be no hanging around before or after class, and we will practice social distancing as much as possible.

We're continuing to gather data on best safety practices and have continuous discussions about how best to proceed -- so though we cannot give you conclusive information or a precise opening date, we hope that this has at least provided a window into our thinking and the work that we are doing behind the scenes. We appreciate your feedback and have compassion for the fact that dancers truly need their in-person studio experience to feel whole. We feel the same way!

Get involved

We appreciate all of your support for our studio family during this pandemic.  Unfortunately, due to our business structure we were ineligible for CARES Act funds and did not qualify for an EIDL loan.  While we have a couple of other lines of inquiry out there, we are still in need of your support and some of our families are in dire financial circumstances.  If you are able, please consider making a tuition gift on behalf of fellow dancers in need. 




Another way to help is by signing up for online classes -- they're currently what's allowing us to cover utilities and expenses.




We hope knowing how we are moving forward will ease your mind a bit. Know we miss you all!


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