Healthy Dancer

Our students are the reason that Durham School for Ballet exists. Training and nurturing them, at whatever age or skill level is our highest priority. To that end, our instructors are required to regularly attend continuing education classes on the best practices for training dancers: physical safety, flexibility training, developmentally-appropriate lessons, nutrition, anatomy, and more.


Our primary resources are our students themselves and their caregiver. Caregivers are included in any discussion regarding the health and safety of our dancers. Available resources for our staff and students also includes, but is not limited to, local area dance physical therapists, international dance physiotherapists, local nutritionists, and area mental health specialists. When warranted we refer students out to local providers but we also hold workshops and master classes taught by these individuals on-site.


In addition, we maintain a reference library on-site for the use of both students and staff to stay current with the latest findings in dancer health and wellness.


Dance training (aerial or floor) should bring pleasure to the dancer – we aim to help dancers participate both in high-level training and in their own lives. Helping students (and their parents) negotiate that balance is one of our primary goals.