Primary Division

Exploration | Ages 3-7

Children's Division

Winter/Spring 2022

Students ages three to seven are introduced to music and movement using imaginative and playful techniques in our Primary Levels. Your young dancer will experiment and learn to respond to music rhythmically through both freeform and directed ballet-based movements of their body. And most importantly, they'll have fun! Age-appropriate cognitive skills, such as counting, sequential organization, spatial awareness and comparative abstract concepts are woven into the class structure.

There is a required uniform for Primary Levels 1-3.  The dress code can be found HERE.

Concepts and Goals
Come Dance with Me: This class offers an introduction to the studio environment and the basics of being in a dance class. Students use movement and play to explore different kinds of music and rhythms. F
or younger dancers, ages 2-4, accompanied by a grown-up.

Pre-Primary: These classes introduce students to classroom etiquette, gross motor skills, and basic dance technique. Students perform movement to defined musical phrase, dance musically & rhythmically. Must be able to use restroom without assistance. 

Primary Levels 1-3: These classes are an introduction to dance movement and language. Students learn to s
tand in poised manner at beginning & end of every exercise, if wearing a skirt hold skirt or place hands on shoulders or waist or down and rounded, demonstrate understanding of special instructions, awareness of spacing relative to other students, perform movement to defined musical phrase, dance musically & rhythmically.


Session 1: January 3 - March 5, 2022 *9-weeks/2 payments (Jan & Feb) Tuition will be prorated for mid-session enrollment

Session 2: March 7 - May 12, 2022 *9-weeks/2 payments (March & April)​ Tuition will be prorated for mid-session enrollment